Tuesday, April 19, 2016

An Outdoor Space to Learn and Grow!

Community member and parent, Traci Bisson approached BES earlier in the year about creating a school garden. Traci is an incredibly knowledgeable gardener and also knows how to write grants. She has secured resources for us to start a wonderful school garden in the courtyard. Please visit this blog and watch our garden grow!

James, Annabelle, Mitch and Landon cover the bed in order to help the soil heat up! 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Delivering the soil

We had six yards of super loam delivered from Barrington Mulch & Flower, who donated the cost of delivery, on April 8th. 

Tim Joslin & Ray Bisson worked hard to fill both raised beds in the courtyard as well as change out the soil in the two flowers beds on the right side of the school building. 

Ms. Joslin, Traci Bisson and Mrs. Deely raked the soil into the beds, leveling it out. The soil will now be warmed with the assistance of black plastic. The planting will begin in mid-May.

Barrington Mulch & Flower delivering super loam for the raised beds.

Tim Joslin and Ray Bisson filling the flower beds with new soil.
Ray Bisson putting the soil in a raised bed.
(L to R) Mrs. Deely & Kristin Joslin raking the soil.
(L to R) Mrs. Deely, Traci Bisson & Kristin Joslin